03 March 2010

The Sad Demise of My Laptop

Unfortunately, on Monday my beloved laptop of 7 years had a bit of an accident and, to cut a long story short, is no more. It's too old to get fixed (sad) so I've had to go and buy a new one (which I'm still figuring out - I can't say Windows 7 has grown on me much yet, but I dare say I'll learn!).

Establishing the nuances of the computer, combined with working 12 hour days (as I have for every day this week) doesn't leave an awful lot of time for cooking or blogging, so please forgive me if posts are somewhat sparse in the next 48 hours or so.

But I promise I'll be back to full strength soon - with more recipes and photos, of both the lazy and cupcakery variety!


  1. Windows 2007 takes a bit of getting used to - we have it at work. There are some exe files available online from Microsoft that allow you to compare where the functions are between 2003 and 2007 - I found these helpful.

  2. ooh good tip! thanks cakelaw :)