11 November 2009

Lazy Lamb Forequater Chops

I love lamb. OK, so I'm an Aussie, and the Sam Kekovich marketing campaign may have done a bit of a number on me, but it's one of my favourite foods. Not only is it yummy, full of iron and cheap (if you get the right cut), but it is ridiculously easy to cook - and cook it well. So here is the first Lazy recipe: Lazy Lamb Forequater Chops

You will need:

olive oil
4 lamb forequater chops (available from any good butcher - they cost about $2 each!)
bottle red wine (merlot works well)
clove garlic/precrushed garlic
salt and pepper (to taste)

casserole dish (with lid - the lamb spatters)
sharp knife
chopping board
wine glass

  1. Turn on oven and set to 140-150 C
  2. Put a small glug of olive oil in the bottom of your casserole dish.
  3. Swirl the lamb around in the oil to give it a good coating.
  4. Season lamb to taste and put in casserole dish.
  5. Pour red wine over lamb until it comes about halfway up the side of the chop.
  6. Add garlic to dish (if it's crushed, fine - if not, it doesn't matter, so long as you've peeled the garlic) and put on lid.
  7. Put in oven and close oven door.
  8. Pour yourself a glass of red wine and read a book for 2 hours
  9. Open oven door and serve. (If garlic has been left whole you don't have to serve it - but it will be really sweet and tender and make a good sauce!)
Works well with roasted veggies (put veggies into oven at same time as lamb after chopping into chunks the size of your fist) or salad in summer

Note: this recipe works well for as many chops as you can fit in a single layer in the casserole dish. You can add oregano, mustard or rosemary if you like.

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