09 January 2010

Iron Cupcake

I love cupcakes. Freaking love 'em. (Can't eat too many of them, other than the ones I make myself...). Not being a particularly competitive soul, I haven't really been involved in the many cupcake contests to date, but I am a little intrigued by the latest Iron Cupcake: Earth contest. Now, admittedly, the theme is winter warm ups, and it's been sitting above 35C here for the last month (gotta love global warming) - but all I can think about is tea cakes. Specifically, how my favourite thing in the world to warm me up in winter is a hot cuppa - and how I usually (when eating cakes with tea) crumble them up into my tea anyway. It would be easy to substitute milk for milky tea when making cupcakes... at least in theory anyway... hmmm methinks I have a cunning plan...

Now if I could only find the time to actually do it!

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