11 November 2009

The Unexamined Dish...

They say that the unexamined life is not worth living. I maintain a corollary of that is an unexamined dish is not worth cooking. That is to say, if I'm going to get up off my butt and actually cook a meal, particularly if it is going to be a complex but delicious dish, I find it necessary to ask myself the following

  1. Do I have everything I need to make it? (Sounds obvious, but when you're tired, cranky and hungry, there's nothing worse than having to turn off the stove and run down to the shops to get that damn bay leaf. Laziness requires forethought.)
  2. By the time I finish making it, will I still be awake? (Again, sounds obvious - but try falling asleep with the oven on with a casserole in it - scrubbing blackened char off Corningware requires a lot of effort)
  3. Can I make enough portions (and successfully store them) to save myself some time later? (Making a large stew then discovering you have no clean/empty tupperware, again, creates a situation that requires effort)
  4. Is there an easier way of doing this? Google is generally very useful in that respect.
  5. Could this be an excuse to see someone I haven't seen for a while? (Inviting someone over for a yummy dinner can not only be a great way to catch up with them, but is a good way to find the motivation to cook something you're craving but are yet to be arsed to make)

    And finally

  6. Is there a local takeaway joint that does this better than I can?
Lazily and pragmatically yours,

The lazy cook

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