05 February 2010

Thankyou Cakelaw!

As part of Cakelaw's Laws of the Kitchen 100 blog post celebration, they randomly selected a poster to receive a copy of the Women's Weekly Little Cakes and Pies cookbook. I was lucky enough to win - and it arrived today! (Blog shoutout here - if you haven't checked out Cakelaw's blog you should - there are some seriously good lookin' recipes in there! And I say that not only because they sent me the book but because it is really worth checking out.)

I gotta say - this might sound cheesy but I felt really touched by how thoughtful Cakelaw was. Not only did they go to all that trouble to send it to the middle of nowhere, but they even took the time to wrap it and send a card...! It just made my day - thanks again, Cakelaw!

So - what to make first? One recipe that's high on my Cupcake List is lemon meringue cupcakes. I'm thinking I might adapt the Blood Orange Meringue Pies and make Blood Orange Meringue Cupcakes instead (using their patty cake recipe).

I'm going on a picnic for Waitangi Day tomorrow with some Kiwi friends. So I'll pretend that blood oranges are somehow related to New Zealand and make a batch to bring. Check back tomorrow for the recipe (and photos).

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